D:Fuse - Thanks For Listening
UK Release Date:

18 November 2008

Track Listing:

1. Everything With You (D:Fuse's T4L mix) D:Fuse
2. She Rides (D:Fuse's T4L mix) D:Fuse
3. Stereo + Video D:Fuse vs The Scumfrog
4. Living The Dream (D:Fuse's T4L mix) D:Fuse
5. Indecision (D:Fuse's T4L edit) D:Fuse
6. Skyline At Night (Club mix edit) D:Fuse & Hiratzka
7. Perfection (Club vocal mix edit) D:Fuse & Hiratzka
8. The Realm (AM Sunday) (D:Fuse's T4L mix) Deep Architecture
9. Be Free (D:Fuse's T4L edit) D:Fuse & Horwood
10. Zurich 6AM (D:Fuse's T4L edit) D:Fuse
11. Wash (D:Fuse's T4L edit) D:Fuse & Howard
12. Perspectives (D:Fuse & Howard mix (D:Fuse's T4L edit)) Bill Hamel
13. House Sound Of The Future (D:Fuse's T4L edit)

D:Fuse - Thanks For Listening (Lost Angeles Recordings)
•• Published: iDJ magazine November 2008 (Issue 106)

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