Signal Generator - Output EP
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3 October 2005

Signal Generator - Output EP (Occasional)
•• Published: musicOMH, October 2005
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While the Aphex Twin seems to have gone to ground since 2001's Drukqs, there are plenty of acts out there willing to take his place in the outer reaches of electronica. One problem suffered by both Richard D. James and his legions of copycats though is the tendency to indulge in discordant, inaccessible noise. This may be down to artistic expression, the contrast between the light (melody, warmth) and the dark (squealing, screaming synths and drilling, pneumatic beats), but it seems almost as if there's an element of pretentious snobbery at work: if you don't 'get it' you aren't worthy.

So while Signal Generator are clearly fans of James' Selected Ambient Works Vol. I, it is refreshing to hear they can produce lush electronica without feeling the need to test and alienate the listener by making their eardrums bleed. All four tracks on offer here are excellent examples of what was once called 'ambient techno', meaning they have both melody and movement. There is also a joyfulness that runs through each composition, especially lead track Memory Helmet, which may not please the 'Twin geeks, but certainly pleases the ears.

Fans of the Aphex Twin's mellower moments, take note, this is stunning, uplifting electronica minus the tiresome lapses into sonic ugliness: beautiful.

- Ian Roullier

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