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Augmented Reality

A presentation of the augmented reality 'aura' based around my debut album 'Wide Open/Open Wide' (see below). According to Aurasma, who created the augmented reality software I used, I am the first person to use the software to create a full album sampler triggered by the album artwork itself.

Having shot the videos myself and edited them in Final Cut Pro and created short samples of each of the album tracks, I then set about creating the aura within Aurasma itself.

To view the aura yourself, watch the video and go to www.tinyurl.com/chanroullier on your smartphone then point at the front and back album covers which you can view here.



My debut album, 'Wide Open/Open Wide', which was released on October 1st 2012. Four intense months in the making, or 18 years depending on how you look at it, the album includes a variety of styles and tempos from drum and bass and electronica to more horizontal moments.

I recorded, produced, mixed and mastered the album and wrote or co-wrote each of the seven tracks. Some ideas were long-standing ones ('Piano Madness' has been in my head since the late 90s!) whilst others came together naturally in the studio (like Alleykat's brainchild 'City Of Sin').

The album features a variety of collaborations which produced some of the most fulfilling moments. Thanks again to Michael Prince (Alleykat), Amy Walker, Michael Kelly and Mona Abbasi (Monabbas) for their hard work, creativity and talent.

For the full album try iTunes, Amazon or CD Baby or if you like your music interspersed with carpet and insurance adverts, you can find it on Spotify.


Film trailer: Doctor Parnassus

This is an unofficial trailer I put together (editing, compiling, music and sound design) for Terry Gilliam's Doctor Parnassus. I tried to reflect the film's darkly fantastical world and (as is always the way) tried to incorporate the film's key themes without giving away too much of the plot.

Originally created in 5.1 surround sound, this was a genuine labour of love!



Video game sound design

One of the most enjoyable projects I've worked on to date. I tried to ensure the sounds were in keeping with the lo-fi, fun graphics and the helium-fuelled results were all created using the human voice.

There was an element of Flash programming involved but as a humble sound designer I was sadly unable to fix a couple of small bugs within the programmer's code. The game is still highly playable and pretty addictive though.

Click here to play (requires Flash, not touch screen friendly).


Animation sound design

This was an experimental project to re-create the sound design for Tom Judd's short animation, 'Bruce' (the original sound design was by Jussi Honka). Sounds were created using field recordings of a microwave, a dog, a plastic bag, a glass, a newspaper, cutlery and crockery.

The limitations posed by having a narrow palette of sounds to draw from pushed me to come up with more creative and at times abstract sound design ideas.

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